Bebelambs Hope Floats Top

I had the pleasure of testing again for Lynn at BebeLambs.  Let me tell you how super cute the Hope Floats Top is!!!  Ok, I am not sure I can put into words just how cute this top is so I’m just going to show you a picture (or two)!


The Hope Floats Top comes with two skirt choices, of course I choose the full skirt option because our girls like to twirl and paired them with the Kinley capris I had tested a few weeks ago. Are these not the cutest outfits!!!! Our girls were so excited to wear these to the Easter Egg Hunt we were going to.


The Hope Floats Top is a reverse knot top and such an easy, quick top to sew.  The pattern is easy to follow and the fit was perfect for our girls. The back of the bodice has two lines of elastic in casings to make for a perfect fit.  The straps slide through one large button hole in the back to tie.  I have to be honest, I have always been nervous about sewing a button hole through the elastic, but it worked just fine!


 I just have to share a few more pics!!!


These outfits are a hit with our girls and we received tons of compliments when the girls were wearing these.  If you want to try these out, the first three people who buy, sew, and review the pattern on Etsy will receive a refund, thus getting  a FREE pattern!!! Totally worth it!!!


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