Love Notions Trendy Tunic, Another Great Top!

Since I have started pattern testing, I’ve also started sewing more with knits. It’s really not as hard as it seems, and there are plenty of great blog posts that have great tips to help you sew successfully with knits. (Although, don’t ask me how to use a twin needle successfully – I just couldn’t get it to work!!)

Love Notions just released their second pattern, both of which I was able to test and both are for knits.  Saying that I am in love with these patterns may be an understatement!  (Seriously – the dresses I made from the Everyday Play Dress Pattern are in my washing machine ALL THE TIME!!!!)  And this Trend Tunic Top, so fun!

Trendy Tunic Top 4

Do you see that big smile on her face!!! She was so happy!!!  (At least to begin with – by the end of the photo shoot she was freezing and had a red nose!)  This pattern is a quick sew, with side and front panels.  The pattern suggest a coordinating fabric for the side panels, and originally I had planned to use the solid pink for them.  But the more I looked at this fabric, the more I loved the polka dots, so I used it for the whole top.

POCKETS!!!! Did I mention this pattern has pockets????  These pockets are the first thing my daughter noticed when she put the Trendy Tunic Top on.  It was even the first thing my husband noticed when I showed him the finished product (you know how important pockets are when your husband notices them!)  Because I had used the same fabric for the whole top, I added the ruffle detail to accent the top of the pocket. Can you see how cute they are?


   Trendy Tunic Top 5 Trendy Tunic Top 6

And just a few more pictures. Can you see her little nose turning red? It was barely 40 degrees outside when we were taking these pictures.  I can not wait for spring and summer to get here.

 Trendy Tunic Top 2Trendy Tunic Top 1Trendy Tunic Top 3

Tami, the owner and designer, at Love Notions, has been awesome to work with!!!  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!!!  Make sure you stop by her Etsy shop to check out her patterns!


8 thoughts on “Love Notions Trendy Tunic, Another Great Top!

  1. SO adorable! I don’t sew with knits – would love to, but buy so much fabric (cottons) I don’t NEED that I thought it would be too dangerous to venture into the knit world. But….. I bought this pattern as soon as it came out. Guess I’ll be breaking my “no knits” rule! 😉

    • You will love it!!! Both of the patterns from Love Notions are going to be my “go-to” patterns. This is a great one to break your no knit rule for. I would love to see pictures!

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