Ruffles and More Ruffles!

I started pattern testing for PDF pattern designers a few months ago and I LOVE it!!!  I have fallen in love with PDF patterns that you can find on Etsy, Craftsy, and the designers’ own pages. Pattern testing lets me work directly with the designer as well as many other testers.  I love working with these women and giving feedback about the pattern itself as well as the item and the way it fits.  So far, I’ve only tested patterns for our girls, but maybe one day soon I’ll be brave enough to try something for myself!  (I’ve sewn for myself in the past, but it is way more fun to sew for three cute little girls!)

My most recent test was for the new Bebelambs Kinley Pants pattern.  This pattern has options for ruffle shorts, capris, or pants.  Can I just say, these are the cutest things ever!!!! And the pattern is so simple, easy to follow, and has great pictures!  Because I have three girls, I was assigned three different options.

First up, I made the the shorts with band in size 4t.  I spent an hour making these, including the time to print, tape, and cut the pattern!  (I love things that I can sew up quickly!)Image

Are these not super cute on our 4 year old?


Next I tried the Double Ruffle Capri with the Band.  So many ruffles!!!


 These are just sew much fun!!!


Finally, I tried the Double Ruffle Capri with Band and Colorblock option near the waist.  This is where I was forced a little out of my comfort zone and went with three coordinating fabrics.  I was a little unsure as I started cutting, but by the time I finished sewing these were my favorite!!!!


 I think she’s pretty happy with them!


Yes, these girls are all in bare feet, although it is spring we still have snow on the ground (it’s been a long cold winter!) I am trying to wait as long as possible to buy sandals for all these feet just in case we have any growth spurts.

I realized after I finished all of these that each pair has some chevron in them.  I totally did not plan that.  And just in case you are wondering, I do dress our girls alike (they actually prefer it at this point!) So I have two more pairs of each of these in the works right now and plans to make coordinating tops for each too.

Sew, what do you think?  I think you need to head over to bebeLambs to grab this pattern, you won’t be sorry!!!!!


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