Bebe Lambs Breezy Blog Tour

I’m so excited to be part of another blog tour, this time with Bebe Lambs! Lynn is the owner and designer behind Bebe Lambs patterns and she does a great job coming up with super cute designs. (Did you know she taught herself to sew by watching YouTube videos and just started designing her own patterns!?!?!?) The challenge for us was to come up with something “light, breezy, and beachy” using the Hope Floats pattern.  I grew up surrounded by lakes and beaches in Northern Michigan, so two things came to mind when I saw the theme, nautical or bright.  I love anything nautical, but this time around I just didn’t see any fabric that totally caught my attention.  So I decided to go bright, and when I say bright, I mean it!

I LOVE the look of the big bows on the back! (I have no clue what was so interesting that all the girls were looking the same direction!)


I had made the ruffle shorts previously when I tested the Kinley Ruffle pants and decided they needed the coordinating top to go with them. I love both of these patterns for so many reasons! First, Lynn’s patterns are well written, full of great pictures, and have a few little sewing tricks tucked in to make your project come together quickly and professionally. The Hope Floats top comes in sizes Newborn to size 10.

The Hope Floats Top is #1 in her opinion!

I made a two minor changes from the pattern instructions. First, I cut the full ruffle skirts the width of my fabric, which added a few inches. (I did this because our girls like to twirl – or maybe just because I’m lazy, it was easier, and didn’t leave me with a few small unused scraps.) The other thing I did was sew my lines for the elastic casings a little wider that 1/4 inch – more like a generous 3/8 inch. This allowed me to pass the elastic through faster and easier.  Otherwise, I followed the instructions exactly!

I made the size 4 for our oldest daughter and size 2 for our younger two, which are the same sizes they were in ready made clothes. The fit is perfect and I have no concern they will last us through the summer because of the elastic back and the shoulder ties will allow my to custom fit the girls each time they were these outfits.

I wish I capture the cutest when you see them running in the Hope Floats Top and Kinley Ruffle Shorts, there are just no words to describe how fun they look!

The Hope Floats is a great pattern for beginners and experienced seamstresses alike! There are endless ways to customize this pattern and I think it would be DARLING with embroidery on the front of the bodice. (I don’t have an embroidery machine, so I’ll just keep dreaming!)

Our girls love wearing dresses and skirts, but they also love to play hard. The Hope Floats Top and the Kinley Ruffle Pants are the best of both worlds – they can run, play, and ride bikes, while still looking cute.

Silliness on the slide!

You can grab both of these great patterns in the Bebe Lambs esty shop or on Lynn’s website. Make sure you check out her other patterns while you’re there and be sure to check out the rest of the blog tour.



Muse of the Morning Blog Tour

I am so excited to be part of my first Blog tour with Chrissy from Muse of the Morning! As part of the tour, I was given the Practically Perfect Girl’s T-Shirt pattern and to say I’m in love with it is an understatement!  First, let me tell you that this is the perfect pattern for your basic t-shirt and it comes with SIX sleeve variations! (I don’t have any boys, but I do think that a few of the versions would work for a little boy too.) Having three little girls who love to wear anything I make them AND always wanting to dress them alike (I know they won’t let me do this forever, so I’m going to take full advantage of it for as long as I can!) I especially love any pattern that comes together quickly and ends with a professional appearance.  This awesome pattern does both!  It took me a little over 2 hours to print, cut, and sew 3 of these tops!!!

ImageI love having three little girls and it’s even more fun that they love each other so much!! And of course, it is always fun to sew for little girls.  I picked up this fun knit a few months ago at JoAnn’s and thought it would be great for these Practically Perfect T-Shirts. I chose the short sleeve version with the banded hem, I LOVE that little detail!!! It was such an easy thing to do and I think it add just the right amount of flare. You can see the band a little better in these pictures.


I made the size 2 and size 5 and both fit great! The pattern is well written, easy to follow, and has great illustrations. Another feature I appreciate in PDF patterns is she tells you what pages to print for the pattern pieces you need!!! (You don’t have to print every sleeve variation!) Thank you Chrissy for such a great pattern!

Our girls were so happy to wear these today and were very eager to go outside for pictures this morning.  They raced out of the garage and then I realized why they were so excited to go outside – apparently Daddy was playing hopscotch with them last night when I was making dinner! I love these moments!

ImageIf you have not checked out Chrissy’s shop, you need to!!! She is also offering a 30% off discount to any purchases through her website through May 17th, just use the code BLOGTOUR30. Chrissy is also hosting a BIG giveaway, 10 lucky people will be able to choose one of her great patterns! Go here to enter.  Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for more fun!


Bebelambs Hope Floats Top

I had the pleasure of testing again for Lynn at BebeLambs.  Let me tell you how super cute the Hope Floats Top is!!!  Ok, I am not sure I can put into words just how cute this top is so I’m just going to show you a picture (or two)!


The Hope Floats Top comes with two skirt choices, of course I choose the full skirt option because our girls like to twirl and paired them with the Kinley capris I had tested a few weeks ago. Are these not the cutest outfits!!!! Our girls were so excited to wear these to the Easter Egg Hunt we were going to.


The Hope Floats Top is a reverse knot top and such an easy, quick top to sew.  The pattern is easy to follow and the fit was perfect for our girls. The back of the bodice has two lines of elastic in casings to make for a perfect fit.  The straps slide through one large button hole in the back to tie.  I have to be honest, I have always been nervous about sewing a button hole through the elastic, but it worked just fine!


 I just have to share a few more pics!!!


These outfits are a hit with our girls and we received tons of compliments when the girls were wearing these.  If you want to try these out, the first three people who buy, sew, and review the pattern on Etsy will receive a refund, thus getting  a FREE pattern!!! Totally worth it!!!

Love Notions Trendy Tunic, Another Great Top!

Since I have started pattern testing, I’ve also started sewing more with knits. It’s really not as hard as it seems, and there are plenty of great blog posts that have great tips to help you sew successfully with knits. (Although, don’t ask me how to use a twin needle successfully – I just couldn’t get it to work!!)

Love Notions just released their second pattern, both of which I was able to test and both are for knits.  Saying that I am in love with these patterns may be an understatement!  (Seriously – the dresses I made from the Everyday Play Dress Pattern are in my washing machine ALL THE TIME!!!!)  And this Trend Tunic Top, so fun!

Trendy Tunic Top 4

Do you see that big smile on her face!!! She was so happy!!!  (At least to begin with – by the end of the photo shoot she was freezing and had a red nose!)  This pattern is a quick sew, with side and front panels.  The pattern suggest a coordinating fabric for the side panels, and originally I had planned to use the solid pink for them.  But the more I looked at this fabric, the more I loved the polka dots, so I used it for the whole top.

POCKETS!!!! Did I mention this pattern has pockets????  These pockets are the first thing my daughter noticed when she put the Trendy Tunic Top on.  It was even the first thing my husband noticed when I showed him the finished product (you know how important pockets are when your husband notices them!)  Because I had used the same fabric for the whole top, I added the ruffle detail to accent the top of the pocket. Can you see how cute they are?


   Trendy Tunic Top 5 Trendy Tunic Top 6

And just a few more pictures. Can you see her little nose turning red? It was barely 40 degrees outside when we were taking these pictures.  I can not wait for spring and summer to get here.

 Trendy Tunic Top 2Trendy Tunic Top 1Trendy Tunic Top 3

Tami, the owner and designer, at Love Notions, has been awesome to work with!!!  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!!!  Make sure you stop by her Etsy shop to check out her patterns!

Ruffles and More Ruffles!

I started pattern testing for PDF pattern designers a few months ago and I LOVE it!!!  I have fallen in love with PDF patterns that you can find on Etsy, Craftsy, and the designers’ own pages. Pattern testing lets me work directly with the designer as well as many other testers.  I love working with these women and giving feedback about the pattern itself as well as the item and the way it fits.  So far, I’ve only tested patterns for our girls, but maybe one day soon I’ll be brave enough to try something for myself!  (I’ve sewn for myself in the past, but it is way more fun to sew for three cute little girls!)

My most recent test was for the new Bebelambs Kinley Pants pattern.  This pattern has options for ruffle shorts, capris, or pants.  Can I just say, these are the cutest things ever!!!! And the pattern is so simple, easy to follow, and has great pictures!  Because I have three girls, I was assigned three different options.

First up, I made the the shorts with band in size 4t.  I spent an hour making these, including the time to print, tape, and cut the pattern!  (I love things that I can sew up quickly!)Image

Are these not super cute on our 4 year old?


Next I tried the Double Ruffle Capri with the Band.  So many ruffles!!!


 These are just sew much fun!!!


Finally, I tried the Double Ruffle Capri with Band and Colorblock option near the waist.  This is where I was forced a little out of my comfort zone and went with three coordinating fabrics.  I was a little unsure as I started cutting, but by the time I finished sewing these were my favorite!!!!


 I think she’s pretty happy with them!


Yes, these girls are all in bare feet, although it is spring we still have snow on the ground (it’s been a long cold winter!) I am trying to wait as long as possible to buy sandals for all these feet just in case we have any growth spurts.

I realized after I finished all of these that each pair has some chevron in them.  I totally did not plan that.  And just in case you are wondering, I do dress our girls alike (they actually prefer it at this point!) So I have two more pairs of each of these in the works right now and plans to make coordinating tops for each too.

Sew, what do you think?  I think you need to head over to bebeLambs to grab this pattern, you won’t be sorry!!!!!